Crêpe Californienne

    (Vanilla custard w/lemons & oranges)

Crêpe Hawainne

(Pineapple w/ custard & raspberry sauce)

 Crêpe Brazillienne

(Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce ,cherries and almonds)

Crêpe Francaise

(Cinnamon apples with butter & syrup)

Crêpe Glacée au Chocolat

(Ice cream, hot chocolat & almonds)

Crêpe aux fruits

(Fresh fruits in season with raspberry sauce)

Le Parisien

(French Sundae)

Coupe de Fruit Glaçée

(Ice cream, fresh fruit in a raspberry coulis)

French Vanilla Ice Cream  



Vanilla Iced Tea

Coke, Diet Coke


Sprite, Lemonade or Hawaiin Punch

Italian Sodas

Perrier or Bottled Spring water

Cidre (apple cider)

Iced Coffee

Gourmet Drinks:  Sour Kiss, Pink Moon or Green Note


French Market Coffee (chicory roast)

Hot Pekoe Tea

Decaf Green Tea , Decaf Chai   Herbal Teas

Chocolat Chaud (hot Coco heaven)

Café au Lait

Americano (w/or without panache)

Café Latte (Electric, Mont Blanc or Star)

Cappuccino (Mocha, Grasshopper or Cherry Flip)

Espresso –single or double (Hawaiian, Mandarin or Bisou)


Our Party Group Menu 

 Great for: Parties, Business Meetings, Weddings & Showers

 Our Party Menu includes:


*French Bread

*1 Chicken Florentine Crêpe


*1 Profiterolle Dessert


18.40 per person (23.00 includes tax & tips)


20.00 per person (25.00 includes tax & tips)

 For further information or to Reserve

Call 770.426.8003

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 Party Menu