French Baguette Bread

2 Slices .7 1/2 Order 1.2 Full Order 2.4

Crpe (butter, sugar, lemon or maple syrup) 2.5

Croissant with butter 2.5



N8 Soupe a Loignon Gratine (French onion soup) 6.5

N9 Tomato Basil Cream Soup 4.5



(served w/ Maison Herbal Vinaigrette dressing)

N10 Salade Verte (greens & tomatoes) 4.5 Large 6.5

N11 Salade Paysanne (greens ,croutons, smoked ham ,cheese & Cheese) 5.5 Large 7.5

N12 Salade Nicoise (mixed veggies, tuna, eggs & olives) 6.5 Large 8.5


(served w/ a small salade verte)

N13 Quiche Lorraine (smoked ham, cheese & mushrooms) 9

N14 Quiche aux Asperges (asparagus & cheese) 9


Dinner Crpes

N15 Crpe au Champignons et Jambon

(smoked ham & mushrooms)

Single Order 9


N16 Crpe au Champignons et Poulet

(chicken florentine & mushrooms)

Single Order 10


N17 Crpe au Poulet et Jambon

(chicken florentine & smoked ham)

Single Order 10


N18 Crpe aux fruits de Mer et Champignons

(shrimps, tilapia & mushrooms)

Single Order 10


N19 Crpe aux Champignons

(mushrooms in a parsley garlic sauce)

Single Order 9

N20 Crpe au Jambon

( smoked ham w/ Mornay sauce)

Single Order 9


N21 Crpe Florentine

(chicken with a spinach Mornay sauce)

Single Order 10

N22 Crpe aux Fruits de Mer

( shrimps & tilapia in a seafood sauce)

Single Order 10




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